The development of the Moduplay Skytower was a game changer for our industry.

And since 2015 there have been dozens of Moduplay Skytowers built right across Australia, from Adelaide to Armidale, Bendigo to Bankstown, Port Macquarie to Port Hedland and Hobart to Happy Valley.

When our design team came to the table back in 2015 with plans for a range of play towers soaring up to 9.6m high we really wondered what they were thinking!

Would it be possible to build a public playground tower that’s the same height as a 3 storey building and still comply with the relevant safety standards?

The new Australian Standards technically allowed for it providing we could meet the requirements about fall heights and access points so the design team set to work and, as they say, the rest is history!

Since then, and due to the fast pace of our design team and the constant demands from our clients for “something new”, many new designs are built and often not shown on our website. Sometimes we don’t get time to show them, sometimes they are exclusive designs for our clients.

We have added four (4) of the most popular additional designs to our Skytowers page and there are more to come.

If you would like further information and pricing to see where you can use the SkyTowers please get in touch.

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