Introducing, Moduplay’s new SPECTRA range! 

Are you ready for lift-off?

The NEW Moduplay Spectra brings a new dimension and unfamiliar shape to the community playground.

Evoking the image of orbiting rings around a planet the clever design of Spectra includes multiple play activities on every design within a compressed footprint.

The activities offered by the Spectra range are designed to be very challenging, helping to develop a child’s dexterity, strength and coordination.

Spectra is an open “barrier-free” design that allows children to play the way they want to.

Spectra K-9730

Spectra Eclipse

Fall Height: 1600mm

Soft Fall Area: 38.8m²

Space Req. Incl Soft-fall7m x 8.3m

Spectra K-9742

Spectra Comet

Fall Height: 2273mm

Soft Fall Area: 40m²

Space Req. Incl Soft-fall7.7m x 7.4m

Spectra K-9775

Spectra Orbit

Fall Height: 2270mm

Soft Fall Area: 39m²

Space Req. Incl Soft-fall7.4m x 6.8m

Spectra K-9751

Spectra Zenith

Fall Height: 1885mm

Soft Fall Area: 38.8m²

Space Req. Incl Soft-fall7 x 8.3m


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