There’s a lot of talk about bringing manufacturing back to Australia. Some of us never took it away in the first place.

Hardly a day goes by without somebody saying we should make a bigger noise about the fact our products are Australian made.

We are very glad to be able to say our products are made right here at Moduplay Group in Wollongong, as they have been since 1989.

Moduplay is 100% committed to manufacturing in Australia and there’s never been a better time in the last 50 years to have that as a strategic strength.

But we also believe our clients expect more than that. We are in a global market so our goal is always to be providing products that not only support Australian jobs, but products that truly reflect a global quality and global design appeal as well. Otherwise we are resting on the fact we are Australian made, and that’s not enough.

The clients we work with across Australia demand more than that and deserve more than that.

So how do we do that?

  1. We invest in design – our Australian design team is constantly innovating and developing new designs to appeal to our clients
  2. We invest in smart manufacturing – this is what all Australian manufacturers should have done before it became “too expensive” to make things here
  3. We invest in our people – everybody in Moduplay Group’s team of 58 and growing is learning and getting better at what they do for our clients

The demand for outdoor recreation is booming and more and more clients are seeing the benefit of partnering with Moduplay Group to create winning projects and solutions for outdoor recreation spaces.

What else are we doing?

…and much more!

We look forward to keeping you up to date with these exciting developments.

Thank you for your support of Australian made products and Australian jobs.


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