It’s probably hard to believe for kids growing up now…

… but there was a time when climbing in trees (as high as you could possibly go without the top of the tree returning to earth) was normal.

And holding on to a fast spinning clothes line (the old steel Hills Hoist type) while one of your siblings pushed it as hard as they could go, was somewhat a rite of passage for any kid growing up in Australia.

That was the era when Moduplay got into business. Way back in 1989.

Actually, it’s not that long ago in some ways. How times have changed, and so quickly!

In a bit over one generation we’ve gone from that daring behaviour to kids being content to play on a screen endlessly, and parents that would be horrified at the thought of the above activities taking place under their watchful eye.

Our first products, around 1983, were domestic play products for backyard use. From this developed the famous Coolibah Cubbies. A beautiful range of kids cubby houses that people said were the best they had ever seen. We built and sold hundreds of them from our Unanderra factory. Year after year.

Along with the Cubby Houses we discovered a demand for products that would suit the needs of schools and councils for community parks and school play areas. In 1989 we started to build outdoor play spaces for schools and communities with the associated play products.

Moduplay had been born.

Since then we have focused on bringing genuine play value to the playgrounds of Australia with our Australian made products.

As our product range has grown, so has our expertise. We now have a team of over 40 people in design, sales, marketing, and the engineering/manufacturing trades. We use state of the art manufacturing techniques to create products that hold their own against the best in the world.

We are proud to be an Australian owned company, making quality products in Australia that are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. But much more than that, they are designed to help our kids learn through play as they grow into active, creative and contributing members of our great country.


We would like to thank our clients (some who were toddlers when we started) for their support of Moduplay. Look out for some big, exciting things this year, you only turn 30 once!


Moduplay – Bringing Play to the World for the well-being of people and communities

From 1989 to 2019… and playing on.

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