Moduplay is celebrating 30 Years of Play by announcing our special edition range – The 30 Series, showcasing the best of Australian Made play.

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The 30 Series offers a unique Euro-Australian Design flavour from our internationally trained designers. It’s never been easier to create fresh and inspiring play areas using an Australian made product with a contemporary and minimalist feel.

The two distinct styles take ideology from the natural, emulating the fantastical figure of the butterfly, and the humble cubby house.

The butterfly style has a focus on organic shapes, in a conscious move from the angular and rigid. This helps stimulate imaginative play, by allowing spaces and shapes to become the amphitheatre of play in a wonder-filled area of childhood bliss.

With a smaller footprint the 800 x 800 platform makes these units perfect for smaller spaces and also boasting more pay value with new and interactive activity panels.

The designs embrace inclusivity and accessibility principles to ensure all levels of ability are catered for.

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Watch all features and styles of the 30 Series

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