In Australia, 86% of our people live within 50km of the coast. The density of our population gets even greater as you get closer to the coast.

This means that in Australia, lots of our playgrounds are installed in coastal environments with the consequent tough environmental conditions.

This is quite a unique situation when you compare it to Europe, USA and even the UK. Most of the people in these nations live well away from the coast and there is simply not the same focus on making sure their products are built to handle the same extreme conditions that we experience in Australia.

When Australian manufacturers say “our products are built to handle our unique and harsh Australian environment”, this is part of what we are talking about. Along with the extreme heat days and high humidity, we really do have a harsh environment that challenges normal manufacturing materials and coating methods.

This is why we introduced Moduplay Extreme Marine. It is an end-to-end, “lifetime of the product” approach to give you total peace-of-mind when installing our products in any coastal location.


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