The designs of the new range of Inclusive Sand and Water Play come as a welcome refresh to a market which is heavily saturated with imported goods.

The design team at Moduplay had the goal of not only creating an affordable, Australian made alternative to some of the European items. But, they also wanted to ensure that all children regardless of ability were able to experience the magic of interacting with and learning through nature.

Minimalistic shapes and a multitude of colour options allow for any item from the re-worked range to fit seamlessly into any play environment. Being the designers, manufacturers and installers of this unique range of products allows us to offer a level of customisation that has never before been offered in Nature Play. Our expert in-house carpenters can craft custom features to allow your upcoming project to really stand out.

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Here at Moduplay, we’re advocates for inclusive play. By incorporating an industry leading design process we can ensure that children of all abilities are accounted for across a wide range of products.  The new inclusive sand and water play is designed to allow children of limited abilities who are wheelchair bound to access the water channels and interact with other children in the process. Our water play basins are intended to be cooperative learning spaces where kids can learn to work together to achieve a common goal.

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