From 3D visuals to reality – we do that every day

Seeing how your new playground is going to look is key to getting the design right early on in the process. Our clients, and most importantly, the children involved love to see how the design will shape up when it is installed.

That’s why we here at Moduplay strive to offer the most photo-realistic renders on the market. We have a team located in our head office in Wollongong NSW dedicated to creating the amazing renders we present to our clients. Some examples of which you can see on this page. It’s not just about creating something pretty to look at, it’s about showing our clients what they’re purchasing with no hidden surprises.

We use the latest software and cutting edge technologies to ensure that what you see is what you get. The same goes for our product design, the same attention to detail is used across the board to ensure that when the ribbon is cut on the opening day there are no nasty surprises.

One of the benefits of being the manufacturer of our own equipment is that if you need a change made to colours, design or orientation there is no middleman, the entire process starts and finishes within our 4 walls.

Where other suppliers outsource, we insource!

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