A playground in the shape of a carrot? Yes, we can build that.

The new Harris Farm Markets in Albury, NSW wanted a stand out kids playground that reflected their values and would promote healthy eating with the kids and families that shop there.

The Design Team at Moduplay set to and conjured up a range of options and the green grocers at Harris Farm chose the Carrot Playground to complemented with a side salad of Alfalfa and Celery.

It’s a bit of fun for everybody that visits and demonstrates the agility and capability of the Design Team at Moduplay. Moduplay has the Design experience, the best-in-class materials and processes and the manufacturing expertise to work with your ideas to turn them into a reality.

Do you have a project in mind that needs a different approach? A challenging site where a standard design won’t cut it? A special project where the “everyday” is not the best way?

That’s an opportunity for our incredibly gifted Design Team to show you what can be done.

Talk to our Design Team about Moduplay Bespoke products on your next play space project.

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