Moduplay designs, engineers and manufactures its products for councils, schools and anywhere that children gather, in Australia using the latest technology and manufacturing processes.

(Please note, we do not supply the residential market with kids slides and playgrounds for backyard use. is a great resource for home playgrounds).

Moduplay has been designing and building beautiful playgrounds since 1989 with a singular goal to let children have the best opportunity to learn through play, offering maximum challenge and fun, while playing safely.

We have the manufacturing capabilities to make kids slides to suit any commercial play area. Below are several examples of outdoor slides we offer, all from our standard range with small modifications and used in customised ways. Our high strength poly tube slides are the most suited for modifying to suit your area.

If you’re interested please contact our sales team to discuss how we can help you achieve the best result for your outdoor play area. Please note, this service is for orders starting at $25,000.

The following examples are for commercial slides only. We do not provide domestic or residential play slides or pool slides.


Mound Slides

Custom Stainless Steel Tube Slides for Kids


Moduplay Tube Slides

Tube Kids Slides


Moduplay Poly Slides

Poly Slides for Kids Playgrounds


Stainless Steel Slides

Stainless Steel Kids Slides For Playgrounds


Rotomoulded Slides

Rotomoulded Plastic Slides For Playgrounds

When combined with our experienced installation and site build teams, along with fully accredited and comprehensive soft-fall systems, we can offer you the best possible outcome for any commercial play area project.

View our standard range of slides here.

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