At what cost do we keep developing smaller and smaller house lots?

Have you ever noticed that suburbs 5-10 years old still look quite new from a distance?

Simple reason for that. There’s nowhere to plant trees between the houses without upsetting neighbours or tree roots getting into drains.

Backyards get hotter (less pleasant places to be), houses have to be air-conditioned when the weather hits the low 20’s and whole suburbs end up hotter.

The standard 1/4 acre block won’t reappear but is it time to have a rethink about block sizes and making space for something other than bricks and tiles? There are ways this could be addressed with little effect on the actual number of families living in a suburb. And we’re not talking about more parks necessarily.

Of course, if you’re in our space, you already know where we are coming from… smaller backyards also mean nowhere for the kids to play, and nowhere to learn how to be creative in the first few years of their lives.

Think that’s not important? Ask the average Australian business owner looking for creative employees.

It all starts in the backyard.

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