In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of providing Australians with Australian made playground equipment by releasing The 30 Series…

The 30 Series presents Australian play space designers with a truly edgy Australian made Multi-Play range that packs a lot of play into a smaller cost effective footprint while still providing plenty of circulation and running space for the children.

Australian playground designers, landscape architects and local government have embraced The 30 Series concept and obviously love to support well designed and made Australian products. Thank you!

The 2 design styles, Butterfly and Cubby are specifically created to offer contemporary or traditional looks for playground designers needing to achieve a design style in their new play spaces.

Interestingly the Butterfly designs carry the names of various Australian Butterflies such as Lacewing and Cressida and the Cubby suite adopts various names of traditional shelters from across the globe including Gunyah and Orri.

The 30 Series sports a modern colour palette unique to the range.

If you would like further information and pricing to see where you can use The 30 Series please get in touch.

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Video: The 30 Series

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