Australian children are some of the luckiest in the world.

Plenty of sunshine, open parks and playgrounds, great schools, no civil wars and very little impact on our daily liberties even when there’s a worldwide pandemic that other countries are being severely affected by.

So we spare a thought and some support for children that don’t have it so good in developing countries around the world. That’s why we have sponsored Playground Ideas for over a decade in what they are doing.

It sounds too simple but the facts show that if a child has the opportunity to engage in free and unstructured play as a toddler and their earliest years, it can have a massive beneficial effect on the rest of their life.

Long term studies show early play experiences can increase a child’s tenacity to complete their high school studies, boost their income earning capacity as an adult, and as a child teaches them the essential skill of self-regulation – that is emotional intelligence – which underpins success for a lifetime.

Playground Ideas provides practical and financial support to communities in poorer countries in the design and construction of children’s playspaces as a way of directly improving the opportunities for life of the children in those communities.

It’s a brilliant idea… and worth supporting.

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