These seven new Moduplay Rockers have a focus on imaginative play and promoting balance and risk.

What if we threw out all the “rules” about what a Spring Rocker should look like?

What if we started with a blank canvas and an open mind to see what we can come up with?

Our designers tried it and here we have the results!

Apart from the Toastie (OK there’s one traditional “sit-in” design that we couldn’t let go) the minimalist design of the others allow children to interact with these rockers in new and exciting ways:

1.The Quaker is a ro­bot-looking rocker with side supports and comfortable forward-facing handles

2. The Modbob is a minimalist ‘bob sled’ design allowing for easy access on and off

3. The Racer rocker features stripped-back poly sides for a sleek look and feel, and to promote imaginative play

4. The Toastie – the first of it’s kind in the world, a rockable sandwich!

5. The Zulu II, with a wider seat for better accessibility and full back support, carers can control the rocker using the extended handle bars as well

6. The Snuffy rocker has no back & sides to promote balance and risk-analysis

7. The Tetra is a nod to the beloved 90’s arcade game Tetris, and adds an out-of-this-world feel to the playground

For more information on any of these designs, or a new bespoke design for your next project, contact our helpful Project Design team here.

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